Treasured patrons of 60th street desserts.

We wish you the merriest of Christmas's and the happiest New Year.  As we go into the year 2015 it is with great sorrow that we say we will most likely be having our last year. It has been one great ride these 27 years. Thank you to all of you who have been with us for long… to those enjoying their first taste. We look forward to providing you our very best as we want to go out with a bang. Let's make the most of these last 12 months together.


60th Street Desserts emphasizes a wholesome way of life, taking the time to produce delicious bakery-made treats reminiscent of the simpler times of the 1950's.  We are known for more than just desserts:  Bottled wines, espresso, appetizers, take-out entrees, and tasty pastries are available from our bakeshop or drive-up window.  Neighborhood one-stop shopping with quality you can count on.

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